Perfect for gift set: Shiseido Revital Set: Cleansing Foam 20g + Lotion EX II 75ml + Serum 10ml + Moisturizer EX II 30ml + Cream 7ml + Eye Mask + Mask + Bag 7pcs+1bag

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Revital Set: 1x Revital Cleansing Foam I (For Normal To Oily Skin) 20g/0.7oz 1x Revital Lotion EX II (For Normal To Oily Skin) 75ml/2.5oz 1x Revital Vital-Perfection Science Serum AAA Whitening 10ml/0.33oz 1x Revital Moisturizer EX II (For Normal To Dry Skin) 30ml/1oz 1x Revital Vital-Perfection Science Cream AAA 7ml/0.24oz1x Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA Eye Mask 1x Revital Lifting Mask Science EX 1x Bag Ideal both for personal use & as a gift


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